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We have outlined important attraction strategies from leading dating coaches.

Your ex still has feelings for you, but she is defensive and your needy promises are not going to work, you will need to use expert techniques to bring her defenses down and get her hungry to have you back.

  •   How to get her your ex to miss you
  •   Guide for what to say to your ex when you see, text or call her.
  •   How to behave to make yourself attractive to her again
  •   10 important tips to bring out your masculinity to attract your ex back
  •   9 under the radar ways to re-attract her without contacting her
  •   A simple routine to use when you hang out with her that maximizes the chance of sex and getting back together
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Keeping your Ex - don’t let it happen again

Once you attract her back using our strategies, you don’t want to mess it up again, so we will prepare you for keeping that attraction so she will be the one trying to keep you.

  •   List of mistakes guys make after they get their ex back
  •   The relationship first aid kit - list of 4 signs a girl is considering breaking up with you and what to do
  •   Make yourself dump-proof - The 7 rules of maintaining attraction
  •   Give yourself peace of mind and renewed energy from knowing precisely what you need to do to get her back
  •   No more aching in your chest
  •   Have her back in your arms and have this whole situation just go away completely
  •   Know what you need to know to make sure this situation never happens to you again
  •   No risk to you - you're covered by our 60 Day Ironclad Money Back Guarantee if things don't work out
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Get your girlfriend back

Using specific and proven techniques on females behavioral psychology you will learn how to get your girl to appreciate your attractive qualities, reverse the situation to make them feel like they may have lost you, and have them coming back to you, bringing the balance of power back on your side.

Identify signs that she is losing attraction to you

This is really important, once you get her back, don’t just lay back and wait for it to happen again, be more vigilant and identify behaviours that indicate that she is losing attraction, the key is to realise it before she does!

Learn how to keep her attracted to you

Now you have won her back, you can identify signs of her losing interest, you will have comprehensive guide to keep her attracted and lusting after you.


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