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Tempt Your Ex Back With This Advanced System of 6 Steps

“I googled “how to get your girlfriend back,” and bought the course, figuring “what do I have to lose?” It took me 4 months to get her back. Buy the course, follow the process, and above all work on yourself. My ex is now my fiancé. This shit works.”


Here’s what you get when you access
The Get Her Back Advanced Guide:



    3337 words – 20 minutes of video content

    $100 value
  • STEP 1

    Run The No Contact Phase

    12894 words – 1 hour 22 minutes of video content

    $200 value
  • STEP 2

    Build These Ten Attractive Behaviors into Habits

    5375 words – 36 minutes of video content

    $250 value
  • STEP 3

    Send Out High Mate Value Signals Without Contacting Your Ex

    10063 words – 1 hour 1 minute of video content

    $200 value
  • STEP 4

    Learn How To Handle Getting Back Together Discussions Before Communication Resumes

    3443 words – 23 minutes of video content

    $200 value
  • STEP 5

    Communicate With Your Ex

    30376 words – 3 hours 7 minutes of video content

    $250 value
  • STEP 6

    Meet Up With Your Ex

    7834 words – 48 minutes of video content

    $250 value
  • FAQs

    The 18 FAQs answered in detail

    8417 words – 51 minutes of video content

    $150 value

    Closing Words

    1287 words – 8 minutes of video content

    $100 value

Bonus Content

  • Bonus 1:

    The Three Mistakes Most Guys Make After Getting Their Ex Back

    1528 words – 10 minutes of video content $100 value
  • Bonus 2:

    The Seven Keys To Making Yourself Dump-Proof

    2063 words – 13 minutes of video content $100 value
  • Bonus 3:

    Your Relationship First Aid Kit

    2445 words – 15 minutes of video content $100 value

Exclusive Feature

Complimentary-Level Email Coaching. Available at your request, just in case you need any personalized help with your situation at any point. $500 value
Total Value: $2500

Your Price: $199 only!

View Packages to Get Started Frequently Asked Questions (22)
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Q1: Why should I choose this Guide over other ones I saw?

A: Because the other ones you saw probably provide generalized information that aims to get either a woman OR a man back (the creator makes more money this way, selling to everyone), whereas The Get Her Back Advanced Guide specializes in getting specifically a woman back. When you take into account how different women and men are, it figures that different methods are required to get a woman back vs getting a man back. That’s why a one-size-fits-all guide, which of course sells better for my competition because it targets everyone, probably isn’t going to do the job for you. You need a strategy that’s tailor-made for getting a woman back. And that’s exactly what I provide here. That’s why you should choose this Guide over other ones you might’ve seen.

As a side note, I don’t actually offer any products about getting a man back. That requires a completely different set of steps, owing to the fact that what men find attractive vs what women find attractive, are two completely different things. So an ex back guide that targets both getting a woman back AND getting a man back, is likely to fail for both. My expertize is in getting a woman back, so I stick to that.

Q2: My ex has a new guy. Can this Guide still work in that situation?

A: Most new flings do not convert into full serious relationships. Most of them get perhaps as far as the end of the early novelty/excitement phase, and then fizzle out. Chances are this will happen to your ex and any new guy she may have met. It’s likely that it’ll fizzle out on its own once it loses its early novelty stage.

Therefore whatever new thing she may have going on, it’s less likely to be a long-term threat than you think. And that means that if you apply The Get Her Back Advanced Guide, even though she may have something new going on, you have a very realistic shot at attracting her back. It’s just that you may need to wait for the novelty stage of her new fling to pass first, before you’ll see the kind of results you want.

In the meantime, there are lots of things you can be doing from the steps of the Guide, to make it much more likely that come the time, she will want you back.

Q3: I work with, live with or have kids with my ex. Can this Guide work in any of these situations?

A: These are three very common scenarios that I come across, so I’ve designed the Guide in such a way that it’s able to work in all three of them. I’ve also put specific help for each one of them in different parts of the Guide where necessary. So yes, if you work with, live with or have kids with your ex, you’re covered in that case.

Q4: My situation is complicated. It’s unique. That being the case, can your Guide still work?

A: All breakups are unique in one way or another, but The Get Her Back Advanced Guide provides the core framework of steps which stand the best chance of fixing most of them. Despite the perhaps unique and complicated nature of your breakup, those steps should nonetheless stand as the core framework of action that you take in reaction to it.

With every breakup being unique though, it’s not possible for the Guide to cover the ins and outs of every unique situation. That’s why you have the option of emailing me − so that if after going through the Guide, it leaves you with any questions about how to handle a particular unique aspect of your breakup, you can ask me, and I’ll be happy to help you gain some clarity on what to do.

But yes, those steps are the best course of action to take in pretty much any unique breakup situation. They provide the strongest chance of making things work out the way a man wants in the end.

Q5: My ex and I broke up quite a while back now (months). Can this Guide still help?

A: In the months since your breakup, it’s unlikely that you’ve been taking the right course of action-steps, in the right order, to prompt a reconciliation. Hence a reconciliation hasn’t happened yet. But once you do start taking that more attractive course of action, it’s then very possible that you’ll find your ex warms up to you again and starts showing signs of attraction to you again.

If that happens (and I’ve seen it happen for clients in your situation time and again), getting back together will be a thought that’s on her mind. And with her thinking that way, it (getting back together) will then be very much on the table. So yes, this Guide can work if your breakup happened many months ago already.

Q6: I was in a long distance or cyber relationship. Does this Guide still apply?

A: There’s a lot of focus in the Guide on digital communication (including 30k words on it in Step 5), which, if your relationship was a long distance or cyber relationship, that relationship was heavily reliant on digital communication, right.

This means that the Guide is able to work well for long distance and cyber relationships, because if that way of communicating much of the time (digitally) was good enough to keep your long distance or cyber relationship going for some time, then mostly using the same thing (digital communication) to tempt your ex back is possible too. I’ve had the steps of the Guide work well for clients in this type of situation before, so yes it can work for you.

Q7: I was in a girl-girl relationship and am looking to get my ex-girlfriend back. Can this Guide help in that case?

A: In a lesbian relationship, there’s usually one person who plays the more leading and dominant, masculine type of role, and then the other girl takes the more submissive, feminine role. If you played the more feminine type of role in your relationship, then the Guide canNOT work for you. Yet if you took the more masculine role, then it can work for you. Why?

Well, in a man-woman situation, the Guide is designed to help the more masculine one attract back the more feminine one. And since lesbian relationships also mostly consist of that criteria; of a more masculine one and a more feminine one, the same methods carry over and apply just the same. Because even though it’s girl-girl, the more feminine one’s attraction mechanism is still prone to being receptive to the same masculine type of ex-back steps, just like in a man-woman situation. So yeah, it can work in this case.

If you do sign up for this Guide, 99% of my clients are male, so please excuse and ignore the odd time in the content where I address it to a predominantly male audience, such as in the question below 🙂

Q8: What age person is this Guide for?

A: 18+. The content applies to every age level from 18 up, as human nature and the way attraction works is consistent throughout the age levels. So whether you’re 25, 35 or 65, you can use this Guide and have results.

Don’t let the fact that the photos on this website are mostly of younger people, convince you otherwise. Most stock photos seem to be of younger people (maybe they’re cheaper to hire), and so there are more photos of younger people on this website. Nonetheless, this Guide is for people of any age. If you’re in your 40s, 50s or 60s, it can work.

Q9: Is the Guide completely digital? Nothing gets shipped to my home right?

A: It’s entirely digital. Nothing will be physically shipped to your home. I respect that you want discretion on this.

It’s essentially an online course. Delivery is completely online, and is thus instant (login credentials and login URL are automatically sent to your email address in seconds). Please double check the email address you enter for typos when you sign up.

Q10: What is the total word count and video runtime of this Guide? And how is it laid out?

A: 89,062 words of content, across 9 hours and 14 minutes of video-presentations. Same format as the video-presentation above on this page. There are separate webpages for each Step/component of the Guide. And every video on each page is minutes long rather than hours, to keep watching through it easily manageable for you. There are 103 videos in total. All of them are in 1080p resolution (HD).

If you prefer to read rather than watch, there’s also a text transcript below each video, so you could read the whole Guide if you wanted to. In addition, there’s a toggleable Key Points summary below each video, to rubberstamp your understanding.

It took an incredible amount of time and effort (more than 2 years) to put all of this content together. I was exhausted at the end of it 😀

Q11: How long does my access to the Guide last?

A: 6 whole months (183 days to be exact). That’s plenty of time to get your ex back. Almost all ex reconciliations happen within 6 months of starting to apply this Guide.

Beyond the 6 month mark (of applying the Guide, not since your breakup), if you don’t have her back by then, then it’s unlikely she’ll come back, and at that point it would be time to move on. It’s still possible that she might come back, it’s just a lot less likely, so that’s why I set the access time at 6 months – because it gives you plenty of time.

Inside that first 6 months, you have a very solid shot at getting things to work out the way you want.

Q12: You mentioned ‘complimentary-level email coaching’ on this page as part of the Premium Package. What does complimentary-level email coaching mean, and what other levels of email coaching do you offer?

A: Complementary-level email coaching allows you to email me to get answers to any questions you may have regarding your situation. It also allows you to send me a short summary of your situation, and get my analysis of it and my thoughts on what your plan of action should be towards it going forward.

If however you want to go in-depth on your situation, and likewise get an in-depth analysis and plan of action from me in return on what you should do about it, that requires a lot more of my time to read and reply to your email, so I have another level of email coaching for that.

It’s called VIP Email Coaching. This is a separately paid service, and is only available to those who are using my Advanced Ex Back Guide. The idea is that the Guide provides the core framework plan of action, then we can fine-tune that plan of action to your unique situation via VIP Email Coaching if you want to. VIP Email Coaching is $299 for my main reply, plus answers to any follow-up questions you may have in the hours, days and weeks after that main reply, are also included.

Q13: If I email you for personalized help with my situation (email coaching), after how long can I expect a reply from you?

A: Mostly within 24 hours. But every now and then I take a day off work like we all do, so within 48 hours max. But more likely within 24.

I run this project solo and receive a lot of email, so 24-48 hours is the best I can do for email coaching reply times, to keep the workload sustainable for me day-to-day over the long-term. I found in the past that when I checked my email multiple times a day and replied to people multiple times a day, I burned out. So to prevent that, I check my email once a day on workdays, which is most days.

If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t replied after 24 hours, it’s probably because I’ve been taking a day off work. You absolutely WILL get a response from me within 48 hours max (within 48 hours of you having sent your email to me).

Q14: Can I buy email coaching from you, without signing up for your Ex Back Guide?

A: Support from me via email is only open to those who are using my Advanced Ex Back Guide. I tried the coaching-only-without-the-client-using-my-ex-back-Guide approach, but I always found that I would end up typing up lots of things that the Guide covers, which was silly. The Guide has to come first, to provide you with the core framework plan of action to follow. Then we can fine-tune that plan of action to your unique situation, via email coaching if you wish.

Q15: Do you only offer coaching via email, or do you also do coaching via phone or video call?

A: Due to time zone differences I only offer coaching by email. This is better for you, as an email is something you can revisit to refresh your memory on what I said (and what you said). On a call, what both of us say would disappear into the ether the second we finish saying it. That’s how important details get lost and forgotten. Therefore I coach only via email, to prevent that from happening (as well as to, again, make it more convenient from a time zone perspective).

Q16: Will the content of any emails I send to you be kept confidential?

A: Yes, absolutely. Anything you email to me will always remain completely confidential. I am the only person who will ever see what you send me.

Q17: How does the signup process work?

A: So first you go to the packages area of this page, and click on the yellow ‘Access’ button beneath the package you want (there are three packages: Basic, Standard and Premium). Clicking on that Access button will take you to PayPal. There, you do the standard payment process that I’m sure you’ve done a million times before for other things, and the second that payment completes, you’ll then instantly and automatically be sent a Welcome email from me containing your username, password, and the login URL.

It’s then just a case of opening that email, visiting that login URL, keying in your login credentials, and voila, you’ll find yourself at the Main Menu of The Get Her Back Advanced Guide, from which you have access to everything!

Q18: Is this a one-time payment, or a recurring subscription?

A: It’s a one-time payment. NO recurring subscription. No further payments.

Q19: Can I pay in installments?

A: It’s possible PayPal may let you do that, yes. Depends what country you’re based in. Click on the Access button on this page to go to PayPal, and see what options they offer you.

Q20: I can’t use PayPal. Do you accept any other payment methods?

A: You’re welcome to contact me and we can see if we can arrange an alternative payment method. I’ve done this in the past with clients from time to time, so let’s talk about it, and see if we can find a solution.

Q21: What’s your return/refund policy?

A: Click here to see it on this page.

Q22: Why does this Guide cost more than other ones I saw?

A: Because you get what you pay for. Simple as that. The content is extremely in-depth at 89,000 words across 9 hours and 14 minutes of video-presentations. And given the importance of having the girl you love back, this is hardly the purchase to be penny-pinching on. Instead, this situation is so important to you that you should have the best information you can get on this topic. And you’ve found it.
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See what past clients have said…

Here are a few emails from past clients who won their ex’ back using The Get Her Back Advanced Guide:
  • Dear Sam, The program worked perfectly, I realized that she was busier than I am and I was chasing her and making many mistakes you mentioned in the course. Now, we are happy but don’t get to see each other as often as we like.

  • Followed your advice to the best of my ability, and after about a month maybe 6 weeks, her and I were able to take steps towards working on things, I was able to change some things in myself and she responded to these changes well. Fast forward to today and things are still going great, it’s like dating a different person, her level of attraction towards me has never been higher and I just want to say thank you for your course, it opened my eyes to the missteps I was taking throughout relationships and has helped me turn things around. You have a great course man, thanks for all the help and the personal communications.

  • Thank you for your advice, my girlfriend and I had a huge fight and I was sure everything was over.. I begged and pleaded but that just pushed her away more. After reading your advice I started following it even though they were counter-intuitive but it worked! We are back together and our relationship is blooming by the grace of GOD.. I totally intend to keep it this way and move further in our relationship…

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  • Have an expert in your corner with tons of experience, who you can turn to for help if you need to at any point (key).
  • Contingency benefit: Learn many useful things from this Guide that will prevent you from ever getting into this painful situation again; things that will help you with other women even if it didn’t work out with your ex in the end. In other words, give your situation a silver lining and positive side, no matter what happens with your ex.
  • Take no risk on this investment in your love life whatsoever thanks to the Ironclad Money Back Policy.
  • Worthy of a repeat: Stack the odds in your favor of getting the girl you love back. That’s our (yours and my) main focus here, so sign up now and let’s get started!
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