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Through personal experience and years of coaching clients, we have developed a groundbreaking system of steps that can get your ex-girlfriend or wife to come back to you.

Your ex still has feelings for you, but she is defensive and your needy promises are not going to work. You will need to use outside-the-box techniques to bring her defenses down and get her hungry to have you back.

1. The No Contact Strategy that’ll make her miss you like crazy.
2. How to approach texts and calls to maximize attraction.
3. Total guide to enticing her back through boosting your Dating Market Value.
4. Masculinity-boosting simple tricks that’ll re-attract her in person.
5. A simple routine to use when you hang out with her that drives up the chance of her feelings coming back.
6. How to turn the attraction you’ve created from the previous steps into a fresh start/new relationship.

After You Get Her Back – How To Never Let This Happen Again

Once you attract her back using our strategies, you won’t want to mess it up again. We’ll prepare you for keeping the attraction strong so that she’ll be the one trying to keep you.

The 3 Mistakes Most Guys Make After Getting Their Ex Back – know what the mistakes are, and thus prevent them from ever happening.
The Relationship First Aid Kit – a list of signs she’s considering breaking up with you, and how to fix this quickly before it gets out of hand.
The 7 Pillars of Making Yourself Dump-Proof.
Instant peace of mind and renewed energy from knowing step-by-step what you need to do to get her back.
An end to that terrible aching in your chest (I remember it well and truly sympathize).
Have her back in your arms and let this whole situation fade into the past.
Know what you need to know to make sure this situation NEVER happens to you again.
No risk to you – you’re covered by Our Ironclad Full Money Back Guarantee if things don’t work out!

See What Our Customers Say…

Here are a few of our favorite emails from past clients who won their ex’ back using our Program:



Dear Sam,
The guide worked perfectly, I realized that she was busier than I am and was chasing her and making many mistakes you mentioned in the guide. Now, we are happy but dont get to see each other as often as we like.



Thank you for your advice, my girlfriend and I had a huge fight and I was sure everything was over..
I begged and pleaded but that just pushed her away more. After reading your advice I started following it even though they were counterintuitive but it worked! We are back together and our relationship is blooming by the grace of GOD.. I totally intend to keep it this way and move further in our relationship…



Hey, Sam
This worked like a fucking charm. I can never thank you enough 🙂 And it worked within a few weeks. Best money ever spent 🙂
Thanks again and keep up the good work!


A. Get Your Ex Missing You

Making your ex miss you as a first step provides the foundation for her being able to feel attracted to you again. Our No Contact Plan (step 1) enables this.

B. Attract Her Back

Take a particular course of actions over the next few weeks that tap into the attraction mechanism in the female brain. Steps 2-6 of the Program cover what you need to do. Don’t underestimate just how powerful this stuff can be!

C. Maintain That Attraction For The Long-Term

Don’t lay back and wait for this situation to happen again. Learn the simple things you’ll need to do to keep her attracted to you for good, and implement those things into your relationship.


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P.S. Not happy after 60 days? We’ll give you a full refund plus $10 for your troubles!
P.P.S. Please be **doubly sure** that you really do want this ex back, before using this material.